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3 Things to Know About Using Google Maps

No matter which type of phone you use, Google Maps is likely installed on it. In fact, it may even be installed upon purchase. According to The Manifest, it is the most widely used map app on the market—and for good reason. With features such as street view, Google has the market cornered when it comes to helping people get around. Keep reading to learn three useful things about Google Maps.

You Can Use It for Way More Than Just Driving

Google Maps is pretty versatile. You can schedule stops in the app, get alerts, and more. One useful feature is often used to find a vehicle in a parking lot. Many big parking lots, such as those found at arenas, casinos, and luxury hotels, have detailed maps of the parking facilities that you can find on Google Maps. So, not only does Google help you navigate, but according to Techlicious, it can also help you find your parked car and get back on the road.

It Might Not Always Be Accurate

Google relies on users and business owners to place new buildings on its maps. This means you may come across a gas station, restaurant, or motel that doesn’t even appear on Google Maps. Also, you could find yourself in an area with a poor cell phone signal while you’re on the road, which is a common issue in rural areas. Without a cell phone connection, Google Maps won’t be able to tell you your location accurately. You can avoid that problem by downloading your route for offline use. It isn’t a good idea to go on the road and expect to rely solely on Google Maps. According to Dolman Law, it’s wise to study where you are going before you leave in case you run into an area without any service. Also, don’t count on Google Maps to always be functioning. Even the best apps can experience downtime.

You Can Create Favorites

According to Better Cloud, Google Maps allows you to tag locations you go to frequently as favorites. With just a single click, no matter where you are, you can have directions to your favorite location. That feature can be useful when you’re lost because you will be able to tag a close, known location and find your way back to familiar territory.

Google Maps is the pioneer of digital maps. It can be so useful when traveling, especially if you don’t know where you’re going. The next time you go on a trip, make sure to have it installed on your phone so you can find your way around more easily.

While Google Maps can be a helpful travel tool, it isn’t the only one. Check out our list of travel resources that can help you on your vacation!

Justin Dean3 Things to Know About Using Google Maps