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Fun Water Activities to Do During Your Caribbean Beach Vacation

Visiting the Caribbean and skipping out on watersports would be like visiting Paris without paying a visit to the Eiffel Tower. The calm, turquoise waters of the islands provide numerous opportunities to get wet and wild, even for non-adrenaline junkies. The following activities represent a few of your best bets.


Sailing is the ideal choice for people who are looking to spend a relaxing day communing with nature. You can book a seat on a scheduled cruise or charter a private experience. Seasoned mariners can also look into renting a boat for the day. Before going out into the water, be sure to choose the right life jacket in order to keep yourself safe in the event of an emergency. Bear in mind that peak hurricane season occurs around August and September, so sailing should be avoided during this time.

Scuba Diving

Unlike snorkeling, which requires swimmers to stay close to the surface, scuba diving allows participants to delve deep into the underwater kingdom for long periods of time. Many resorts offer scuba-diving training classes and equipment rental. The first class typically takes place in a contained pool. A simple guided ocean dive usually follows, assuming that you’ve learned to use the equipment properly. If you live in a coastal area and you’d rather spend time in a class while on vacation, you can look into acquiring certification before leaving home. This will also give you sufficient time to get comfortable with the procedure, so you’ll be more confident during your tropical open-water dives.


This addictive aquatic activity is a cross between surfing and parasailing. Essentially, you’re harnessing the power of the wind to power your surfboard, allowing you to skim across the sea’s surface without relying on the force of the waves alone. Unlike some comparable water sports, kiteboarding is relatively easy to learn. Most able-bodied participants can become proficient in as little as one year, depending on how much time they’ve had to practice. Kiteboarding is a popular sport in a variety of Caribbean destinations, from Grand Cayman to the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic. No matter which spot you visit, you’re bound to find a hive of devoted kiteboarders ready to welcome you to the waves.

Don’t be tempted to spend your entire Caribbean vacation lounging on the beach. With so many water activities to choose from, your time would be better spent crafting memories that will nourish you until you’re able to return for your next adventure.

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Justin DeanFun Water Activities to Do During Your Caribbean Beach Vacation