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Honeymoon in Mexico? Here Are Four Travel Tips

A honeymoon in Mexico is destined to be filled with fun in the sun and amazing food. Once you have your final destination set, it is important to keep a few things in mind as you prepare for your trip. Proper planning will ensure that your trip is magical and all that you dreamed of. Here are four travel tips to keep in mind when planning your Mexico honeymoon:

Food Precautions

One of the biggest selling points of any trip to Mexico is the eclectic and diverse cuisine. Who does not love a good margarita and a basket of chips with guacamole or salsa? Some of the popular destinations of Mexico are famous for their fantastic restaurants such as Cabo, Cancun, Tijuana, and more! Because many digestive systems can be overwhelmed with the authentic Mexican food, it is important to take the necessary precautions to make sure you do not get sick.

World Nomads warns, “Some food is prepared safely and kept well, but watch out for hot foods that aren’t actually hot and anything that looks like it’s been sitting uncovered for a while.” Ask your hotel concierge for restaurant recommendations to ensure you are eating at a vetted establishment. Many hotels in Mexico have filtered water systems that make drinking water safe.

Embrace Haggling

Haggling for the best deal is a way of life in Mexico. Rather than resisting the tradition, just go for it and embrace the haggling in order to get a better deal. Part of the fun of shopping the Mexican markets is engaging with the locals and bartering for goods or trinkets. Remember to have fun with the experience and treat it like a game. Don’t look at haggling as an argument, it’s really just a friendly discussion about a good price.

Get Some Rest

When you first arrive in Mexico, you’ll want to get out there to experience the sun-drenched beach, eat some authentic cuisine, and partake in some unique cultural experiences. Of course, you and your partner should take every opportunity to seize the day and take full advantage of your vacation. But if you want to really enjoy the experience,  make sure that you’re getting the rest you need. Prepare beforehand with sleep essentials so that you can sleep on your flight. In addition to pajamas and noise-canceling headphones, pack a supportive travel pillow to make sleeping away from your bed easier and more comfortable. You will be more alert and have better experiences if you are well-rested during your honeymoon.

Embrace the Language

Taking the time prior to your trip to learn some basic phrases in Spanish can help make your trip run more smoothly. Not only will this make it easier for you to understand important communication, but it will also help you to engage with the locals. This active participation will make the trip more meaningful and give you lasting memories of the people that you meet. According to Word Counter, Spanish has about 100,000 words in the Diccionario de la Real Academia — that’s less than the Oxford Dictionary has at the moment (171,476 words in use)! Although it might make you nervous to try, keep in mind that native Spanish speakers will appreciate the effort.

A little research and planning can go a long way in ensuring that your Mexico honeymoon is one to remember. Go in with an open mind and be ready to embrace the culture and the people for the best trip imaginable.


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Justin DeanHoneymoon in Mexico? Here Are Four Travel Tips

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